All Adoptables are First Come, First Serve.

What Is An Adoptable?

And Adoptable is a Creature/Animal/Person/Item that an artist sells to you. You resume all rights to that Character/Item to do with whatever you please.

What comes with my adoptable?

1. An unmarked High Quality verision of your Adoptable.

2. A PDF of authenticity for your Adoptable as well as the Basic color palette I used.

Are There any limits on my adoptable?

The Adoptable is yours to do with what you wish! However, you cannot claim the original Adoptable as your own artwork. Please note that you are not required to credit me.

What is the point of an Adoptable?

The possibilities are endless! Let me list some:
1. Great for story/character fillers.
2. Awesome for DnD Sessions or Role play.
3. An unique gift.
4. A sweet collecting hobby.
5. Perfect for art Reference.

What if I don't like your current set?

I will be working to make even more of a variety over time. Your suggestions will help a TON.

Also, you supporting my current set by purchasing them will show me there is a want for them.

I plan on adding animals, all genders and different fandoms/fantasy Adoptables over time. This is a new venture for me so I will be taking it slow and create according to want/need.

Anything else I should know?

1. These are first come first serve. Once it's sold, you will need to wait untill I release more to apply.

2. You supporting my Adoptables will let me know that you guys love them and want more.

3. I will invoice you for your Adoptable via paypal. All payments are final.

4. No edits will be made to each Adoptable. What you see is what each Adoptable has.

5. As the original artist, I do retain the rights to use your Adoptable on my webpage as well as my resume/examples in the future.

More About Commercial Work

1. I can work with you within your budget. For example, if your monthly budget is _______, you can have me work my minimum hours & days a week to help keep you within your budget. This may take your project a little more time, but it's still doable.

Please note that I will not work less or more than the maximum and minium hours as stated on the main page.

2. I do require each week's worth of hours/days to be paid up front. This is to help prevent any issues with payment/work expectations. This is final.

3. During this hourly time/days is fully dedicated to your project.

4. I will also require a contact signed at the start of our work together. This is just for the record that you agreed on the hourly amount and to pay before your receive your work.